Autumn is a rash statement here as it doesn’t seem to happen, one day we are in summer, the next it blows a hoolie and all the leaves are gone. Am I complaining, well yes I love watching the leaves turn orange and glow in the late autumn sun, but would I move to see that, not a chance there is plenty of compensation, magnificent uninterrupted landscapes,  seascapes and acres of sky. We certainly have no complaints this year, a fantastic summer, the garden is looking the best it ever has with the right amount of rain and plenty of warmth. We have baby fish in the pond, we watched a wren bring up it’s family right under our noses and we have met some excellent and interesting people spending their well earned annual holidays in our little part of the world. I do believe even the farming community will be rejoicing, good crops, fat livestock and a good chance all the barley will be in before the Harvest Homes begin (a chance for each parish to get together, eat, drink and dance the night away)

So it’s nearly the end of Sept. marked by Mum’s birthday, Happy Birthday   🎂🎉 🍾🍹🎁 have a great day xx.  The forecast for the weekend is not great so I suspect we are going to clash into winter. The little dog and our cat George have already decided to go into winter mode and are spending most of the time sleeping in various chairs and soft areas around the house. The light is drawing in shortening the day and increasing the evening time snuggled up on the sofa with the fairy lights on and the usual Autumnal suspects on the tv, Bake Off, Strictly etc. and somebody somewhere always manages to get in how many days to Christmas

Having said all that, and winter has it’s own plus’s, lets sneak a bit more summer in yet !!!!!

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