Blog Easter (3)

Well Easter is upon us and spring is in the air. Easter is tentatively marked as the beginning of the tourist season here in Orkney, but it has fallen early this year and may have held people back a bit. However the schools break up today for two weeks and families will be out and about hoping the winter is behind them and they can enjoy the show of daffodils and other spring bulbs without a hoolie coming and flattening them. Lambing has begun, one of the sheep in the field next to the gallery has produced triplets and is doing very well with them. She is a good mum and they are full of fun. Having done some farming for several years it is great to watch them without having the responsibility.

Blog Easter (1)

At the moment we are dog sitting a young black Labrador called Poppy, who belongs to my step daughter (Michael’s daughter) and her husband. Although we have a dog ourselves she is now 11 years old and just wonders about the place where as the bairn (Poppy) needs lots of exercise. This has been great as it has got us out and about to the beach on a daily basis.

Blog Easter (2)


As you have probably realised one of my ‘roles’ in the business is the Blog, Facebook, Twitter and other information and promotion bits, looking after the gallery and general ‘stuff’, Michael is the creative one and spends most of his time in the workshop ( with the cat and regular cups of tea). I however like to get stuck in too and often help with the sawmill and other bits and bobs.

The sun is shining, the gallery is open, the signs are out, the coffee is on. Here’s to a good summer.

Next blog I’ll tell you a bit more about the turning maybe as that is what we do 🙂