We now have the equipment to stabilise wood. This means that small off cuts can be used. The fire hasn’t been going so much these days, but it’s great to be able to use as much of a beautiful tree as possible.

The small blanks are placed in a vacuum container with Cactus Juice, this draws any air out of the blank allowing the Cactus Juice to fill all the pockets. The blanks are then drained for a while and baked in an oven. The result is a much harder blank which has not lost any of its original colour and other patterning.

We are using these blanks to make small hand threaded keepsake boxes. The stabilised wood takes a good thread and as the piece ages there will be no warping allowing for many years use and enjoyment.

Using-offcuts-to-make-small-boxes Small-keepsake-boxes Offcuts-will-make-small-boxes