ELM bowl with stunning decoration.

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Little elm bowl with stunning pyrography decoration. Pyrography is decoration with a burning pen. Michael often uses the pen with a standard nib to decorate pieces with the Neolithic designs and patterns, drawing them on to the piece as if drawing with a pen or pencil, but he has also made different ends for the pen with wire to create his own designs. This one is a coil of wire (like a spring) which he applies in different directions to get the effect he requires. The red stain behind this design gives it the look of leather. The other nib used is a ring leaving a raised dot. This has been used around the rim and then down a panel. The plain panels between have been coloured with a red stain. He has left areas on the outside and the whole of the inside of the bowl the natural wood, which has stunning grain detail. Finished with several coats of oil and buffed.  100mm x 120mm ∅


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  • Dimensions: 120 × 100 mm

Only one available

A little Scottish elm bowl.