ORKNEY SYCAMORE 115mm x 175mm⌀

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ORKNEY SYCAMORE Neolithic inspired bowl. The pyrography lines are a nod to the Grooved ware pottery where as the shape is more in line with the Unstan ware pottery. So a little influence from both styles and coloured using hematite (iron ore) as used by the people of that time. This fantastic source of colour comes from a stone and is a great earthy, natural, rich colour. The stone is ground down to a powder which is then mixed with water and painted on. This adds the colour but is very powdery and Michael has to be very careful not to touch the coloured areas and spread the colour to other parts. The colour is then fixed in with the oil finish. More pyrography decoration has been added. The pyrography and hematite really suit the Orkney sycamore. A stunning piece of Orkney timber and a reflection of Orkneys Neolithic past. Finished with several coats of oil and buffed. 115mm x 175mm⌀


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  • Dimensions: 175 × 115 mm