BURR ELM ‘Cushion stone’ Limed OAK bowl

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This piece is inspired by the Neolithic ‘Cushion stones’. Michael has hand carved this wooden interpretation from burr elm. The use of the ‘Cushion stones’ is not clear, but they are not just oval pebbles they have been carefully and expertly polished and refined from suitable cobbles that had been carefully selected. The elm carved ‘Cushion stone’ is displayed on a limed oak bowl. This will be a great talking point in any house or office and is fantastic to pick up and handle. Finished with several coats of oil and buffed. ‘Cushion stone’ 170mm x 90mm x 70mm. Bowl 200mm⌀ x 35mm


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  • Dimensions: 200 × 105 mm

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Neolithic ‘Cushion stone’ carved from burr elm displayed on a limed oak bowl