LIGNUM VITAE ‘Petrosphere'

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A Lignum Vitae Neolithic inspired ‘Petrosphere' with turned detail. The ‘Petrosphere' has  4 facets with small ones in-between. When the rings are added up it is a Prime number. Michael is fascinated by Prime numbers and they often appear in his work. Originally this was an old carpet bowls ball no long used for the purpose it was designed for. It is great to find objects like this and use them to make something stunning that can then be treasured for many years. ‘Petrosphere' approx. 65mm∅ (the size of the original Neolithic stone ones). Displayed on an ebonised elm base.

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  • Dimensions: 65 × 65 mm

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Lignum Vitae ‘Petrosphere' with turned detail.