*New piece – LIGNUM VITAE 65mm∅

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A Neolithic inspired ‘Petrosphere' turned from Lignum Vitae. The Lignum Vitae is sourced from old wooden bowling ball. The ‘Petrosphere is the same size as the ones found (fits well in the hand) and with the weight of the Lignum Vitae it has a good heft. There are 4 facets with smaller turned detail in-between. The bowling balls sometimes have a small hole through the middle and this is one, you can see where it has been filled. This would be where the personalised ivory button would be. The bowler would have their initial on each ball and on the other side is the bowl number 1 to 4 for the set. The ‘petrosphere' sits on a natural hemp ring. A very tactile piece and should be handled at every possible occasion, even take it with you for the day in your pocket. Finished with a natural oil and buffed. 65mm∅



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  • Dimensions: 65 × 65 mm