.HOWAR CAULDRON spalted beech bowl

This is a very special piece with lots of incredible detail. This very large, statement piece has been turned from spalted beech and was a year in the making, including drying time. We had a large beech log which showed great promise of being spalted and it didn't disappoint. First Michael turned the bowl leaving bands around the top and the base. These bands were then carved to create the handles and the feet on the bowl. Generally the heart wood is turned away, but on this piece Michael has left it as he wanted it to crack and develop the extra charactor around the rim. The bowl was then set aside to air dry naturally on a shelf in a corner of the workshop for about 10 months. On one side an area broke off. Once dry Michael  could begin the embellishing. The broken rim was coloured dark and then a repair band was added made of steam bent, laminated walnut decorated with pyrography and attached using copper boat nails. Other repairs were added where the heart wood had opened up, include bog oak studs and bronze staples and patches. None of these repairs are structural, but add lots of added interest to the piece. Finished with several coats of oil and buffed. 250mm x 450mm∅



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  • Dimensions: 450 × 250 mm

Only one available

Large statement piece