English Boxwood ‘Petrosphere’.


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English boxwood 'Petrosphere'. Turned from English boxwood with 3 turned facets and 1 hand carved spiral facet, turned detail between. These are inspired by the stone balls found from the Neolithic period. This boxwood inspired 'Petrosphere' is approximately the same size as most of those found. A very tactile and interesting piece that looks great out on display and feels fantastic in the hand. The 'Petrosphere' is displayed on an oak ebonised base.  Ball approx 70mm∅

'Petrospheres' are available to order. They are made from either English boxwood, like this one or Lignum Vitae (sourced from old bowling balls). They can have 4 or 6 facets (your choice) but each face will have random decoration. Each ‘Petrosphere is between 60mm to 64mm diameter and comes on it's own base.

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