A large statement piece was finished today and hung in the gallery. It has been several months in the making

A wet Orkney sycamore blank is 1st turned on the lathe to the bowl shape. A rim has been turned

A customer came to us with two small and one large piece of Honduras Mahogany they have had in their

Well Easter is upon us and spring is in the air. Easter is tentatively marked as the beginning of the

Starting up a new business is always a difficult one. Michael has the skill to make beautiful items. We have

One of our real loves and interest has been in the Neolithic Pottery that has been found on digs near

We now have the equipment to stabilise wood. This means that small off cuts can be used. The fire hasn’t

We have our own small sawmill on site which we use to plank logs to begin the process of producing

In 2015 we built our gallery which is at our home in the heart of Neolithic Orkney.  The Gallery is