A dog walker on Sanday came across an amazing find recently after some tremendous storms.

It is thought the storms could have washed up this old piece of a ship, or maybe the shifting sands revealed its longtime resting place. Whichever way, it is an incredible piece of history to be brought to light. There will be lots of work and investigation to be done to assess how old it is. It has been removed from the beach before the sea claimed it and specialist are hopefully on their way to Orkney.

For images and more information go to the link below

BBC News

More news on the wreckage is being posted on Radio Orkney facebook page

Further update on BBC News

As Sanday is Michael’s home Island and his affinity with the sea this sparked his interest and also his creative thoughts.

Piece inspired by the old Sanday shipwreck

This ‘Trawler float’ is turned from Scottish elm with an oak backing board, oak studs, copper boat nails and roves, hand spliced natural rope, Orkney willow hook and a little boxwood amulet decorated with a hand applied pyrography fish.

For more information the piece is currently listed on the shop.