Quick run over to Stromness yesterday morning to have another look at the Pier Arts Centre Open Christmas exhibition and then onto The Stromness Museum to have a look at the 2 new exhibitions on at the moment.

Quite a nice morning, dry and calm so that’s always good. Stromness was looking very festive.

We popped into the Pier Arts for a closer look at the exhibition. We did go along to the open night but it is so busy it’s more of a chance to catch up with folk. There is a lot of talent here in Orkney in a lot of different disciplines and I love this exhibition as you see work from people who don’t normally exhibit. We couldn’t resist and bought a painting. We know exactly where it will hang and look forward to collecting it at the end of the exhibition on Christmas Eve.

We then took a walk up to The Stromness Museum. They have their winter exhibition on‘Great Expectations: Curios from the Cupboards’ 

I just love this little bone carved head.

They also have this little stone mortar used for grinding colours and in the foreground are 2 pieces of hematite.


There are many interesting things in the museum and it is well worth a visit. This display of fids and serving mallets. We are lucky to own one of each of these.

The next special exhibition on :From the Trowel’s Edge. New finds from the Ness of Brodgar was our main reason to return to the museum and it didn’t disappoint.




I must say this miniature pot is just the best and I just love it.

It never ceases to give me a tingly feeling looking at these incredible finds and to think how old they are and about the people who used them here on our little Island.

The world wide interest in The Ness of Brodgar continues with diggers coming from far and wide during the dig season. With out all these volunteers and experts and the dedication of Nick Carde the site Director and his team we wouldn’t get to see all these incredible items. We have a regular visitor to our gallery, Kate Greene, all the way from America. She is a very good customer of ours, and a keen participant of the Ness team. She recently purchased a turned wooden ‘Macehead’ Michael had made inspired by the finds. She sent us this fantastic photo. I love how she has displayed it complete with her dig trowel. 

Kate is very passionate about Orkney. Have a look at a video she has made.



Well this is just a snap shot, so if you are in Orkney try and get along to these exhibitions and have a wonder around Stromness with all it has to offer.