Article – Profile of a woodturner in Orkney has been published in this months Revolutions the magazine for members of The Association of Woodturners of Great Britain.

As you will have seen in an earlier blog we attended the 2018 AWGB International Seminar held at Yarnfield Park down in Stone. We had a fantastic time and met lots of people including Sheila the Editor of the magazine. She was very interested in where we lived and worked and as a result of this chat over diner on the Saturday evening and I must add some great fun, this piece in the magazine has come about. Thanks Sheila we hope the members enjoy a little insight into our home and Michael’s work.

Great to be joined on the page by an advert for  Woodart Products.  John Wood is a great guy who we have purchased from on several occasions and had the chance to meet at the Seminar.