Time flies, all this seems to have happened so fast, but it started back last summer. During the winter of 2015/2016 one of the beautiful old sycamore trees at  lost a limb🍂. While visiting our gallery last summer Carola mentioned this and we took a run over to have a look. We were met with a warm welcome, coffee and home bakes 🍰☕and a guided tour of the grounds, during which Carola spoke of her plans to return the garden to it’s original splendor. The piece of the limb that had split from the tree was still lying where it had fell, along with an interesting curved piece. The rest had been moved up to the sheds. The curved piece was left to allow wanderers to have a seat and take in the surroundings. The split we loaded into a wheel barrow and Michael trundled up through the woods to our pick-up.

Woodwick 12_edited-1Woodwick 2_edited-1Woodwick 14_edited-1 Woodwick 11_edited-1

Over the winter he has turned the sycamore into a ‘quern’ inspired bowl adding pyrography, an elm grinder and an ebonized elm base.

Woodwick 10_edited-1 Woodwick 8_edited-1 Woodwick 9_edited-1 Woodwick 6_edited-1

Yesterday evening we arranged to take the piece over for Carola. Again we were warmly welcomed and I partook in a glass of white with our host🥂 (Michael was driving😞😄). I think the piece was a hit and was placed in the center of the table.

Woodwick 5_edited-1 Woodturner6_edited-1

We were again taken for a guided tour. The bluebells were stunning and the amount of work that had been done was astounding. Carola’s image for the garden was taking shape. She has a great eye, returning the garden to it’s original glory from old photographs, but working very closely with nature and all it has to offer right down to the shore. The rookery was in full production and great to see at this stage while the trees are not so heavy with leaf to conceal it. This is truly a magical place offering something for everyone. Visitors can stay, enjoy the excellent accommodation 🛋🛏and surroundings 🌳🥀while being fed delicious home cooked fresh food🥗🍴. It is ideally situated, in Orkney, to go out and explore🚲🚙. If you just fancy a walk🚶‍ through the woods, visitor or local, you are able to get a coffee and home bake while there.

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